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   Dec 13

Dormant Pruning: When?

Well it’s that time of year again where snow is on the ground and the temps are hovering around freezing.  Winter crept up on us quickly and we even had a snowfall during the final rounds of our fall clean ups.  But what we wanted to talk about is dormant pruning.

Most DIY’s forget about this step or perform pruning while the plant is growing during the warmer months.  Just so you know, pruning during the warmer months can actually hurt the plant.

There is an art of pruning and if we can best describe it, you want the plant to grow as Nature intended it to grow.  We do not want to hack the plant but we want to trim it from the inside out, not the outside it.

You need to get deep into the plant and prune back the shoots that are getting a bit too long or out out of control.  This process during the winter time gives the plant a chance to wake up and feel healthy come spring.

The end result is “Beauty” as Nature intended it.

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